Run an action plan workshop

The basis for good action plans is to come up with good ideas that can be put into action! The process can follow straight on from the results session or soon afterwards but avoid big gaps between the two as you will lose momentum. It can be great to come up with ideas in a workshop but you can also ask people to submit ideas by email or on postcards.

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Ask people how you can build on the goods and address the bads. At this stage no idea is too crazy. Collect as many as possible. You can use nef’s five ways to well-being as a framework to help people to help create ideas.
  2. Map the ideas. Put the ideas in a list and note which goods and bads each entry responds to. Notice that some ideas might address several goods and bads simultaneously.
  3. Prioritise. Look at the list together. For each idea, consider the following three questions:
    1. Does it feel important?
    2. Is it easily achievable?
    3. Does it require support or resources that are not available in the room?
  4. Find the energy. Remind people that making work happy doesn’t just happen – we all have to make it happen. Go down the list of important ideas and ask who is interested (or has energy for) each idea.
  5. Create an action plan.
    1. Choose some ideas that are easy to action.
    2. Choose some that are very important.
    3. Choose some that people have a lot of energy for.
    4. Be mindful not to choose too many ideas to start with as you can re-visit ideas at any point in the future. Try to get as many people involved as possible.
  6. Get started! Keep coming back to the action plan. Update it to show progress. Share in places where people will see it. Some activities will not work. Old ideas should be revisited. New ideas should be added. It is a learning process, which can be captured in your living action plan. Making happy work will not happen magically – it will require effort … but it will also be fun and rewarding…