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Lifting the lid on the most important metric of any healthy, productive and sustainable business - happiness. Based on the latest research in wellbeing, our easy to answer survey thoroughly assesses people’s experience of work and provides instantly available results that are insightful and fun to explore.

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Granular reports

Your results are compiled into a PDF report and can be tailored to any level of detail depending on your needs. We also provide an executive summary of your results and tailored advice.


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Caoimhe Keogan
VP People
SoundCloud Ltd.
"It’s really important for us to live and breathe our values both inwardly as an organisation as well as outwardly as an audio platform for our users. As such we care about the wellbeing of our people as highly as we do our users and Happiness Works’ ethos of transparency and instant access for all is very much in keeping with our philosophy as a business.  It’s been very helpful for us to access such granular data on the happiness of our people and has given us genuine and powerful insights into our organisation that we know are based on solid research.  It’s the responsibility of every company to continue on a path of learning, evolving and growing and Happiness Works is helping us to do just that.”

Quick to complete

Carefully designed using the latest wellbeing research. Short enough to keep employees’ attention but detailed enough to be an effective diagnostic tool. Our survey is quick and easy to complete.

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Easy to understand

All scores are presented on simple 0-10 scale where 5.0 is the national average. Results are visually appealing and colour coded to reveal where your areas for improvement are at a glance.

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The right questions

We have advised governments around the world on wellbeing measurement. With 40 carefully designed questions that accurately capture the happiness of your organization.

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Instant feedback

We provide employees with instant access to their own results and teams and organization results can be released to everyone so they can compare scores. No need to wait weeks for a report.

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Expert backup

Once your results are available you may want to call in an expert to advise on the most effective routes to happier staff. We have a worldwide network of expert practitioners who can help.

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We can assure staff that individual results are only available to the individual themselves. We don't allow results for groups of less than three people to be shown so there is no risk of individuals being identified.