The business case

Happiness is a serious business

Happiness is worth it. Big savings can be made for happy companies through lower staff absence, talent retention and productivity. Calculate the savings for a happy organization.

Happiness predicts performance

Research shows that happy employees lead to high performance. Study after study shows that happier employees are more engaged, more motivated, innovate, give better customer service, play more effective roles in teams and make better leaders.

Happiness pays dividends

Stock market performance of best places to work

Fortune Magazine's 100 Best places to work CSRP Value weighted index of US stocks

If you invested $100 of stock in a company listed as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in 1998, by 2008 your investment was worth $266. Compare that to a benchmark of comparable companies that didn’t make the ‘Great Place to Work’ list, that $100 would have only been worth $180. That’s a 2.1x higher return on your investment.