How to use the survey

Creating happiness at work is really a journey rather than a destination – a process rather than an outcome. The survey can be used as a snap shot of how your organisation is doing but to gain the most positive impact from using it we recommend that it becomes part of a wider process.

Getting the most out of the survey

The happiness at work survey uniquely gives individuals and teams instant access to their own results. This is to ensure that people do not feel the process is just an empty tick box exercise. To take full advantage of this feature we recommend that a series of discussion sessions be run for teams as well as action planning workshops. This will start to create a bottom up process that can contribute to, and compliment, organisation-wide initiatives to promote happiness at work.

Support along the way

If your organisation wants support on your journey to becoming a happier organisation then we have experts available to help you.

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What’s behind the survey

The happiness at work survey is unlike any other staff survey uniquely offering instant results that are benchmarked against national averages. Find out more about how is behind the survey, how it was designed, the research it is based on and how the scores are calculated.

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